Adopt-A-Butt Can Project

Cute Cans!

After the June 2019 PickUp, we found thousands of cigarette butts littering downtown Owen Sound. 

A great idea was born! Using donated tomato paste cans (thanks, Pizza Pizza!), cute Butt Cans were created and placed downtown.

Owen Sound Waste Watchers purchased a commercial cigarette waste collection receptacle and left it at City Hall. They were very interested, installed it and purchased another 19 units (thanks, City of Owen Sound)! 

Today, we continue to support this program by providing other Butts Cans in different areas downtown and by shipping the contents to Terracycle Inc. for recycling.

YOUR PERSONAL ADOPT-A-BUTT CAN – Owen Sounders can now adopt their very own Butt Can for personal use or to place in a nearby spot not already covered by a city receptacle.  The process is easy, material and how-to information is provided, and we handle all the shipping.

Interested in participating in this project? Email us at today.