Easy Home Audit

Easy Home Waste AuditLet’s face it, Owen Sounders, like many others in North America, enjoy access to millions of consumer products and we greatly value convenience.

Unfortunately, this also means the amount of garbage and recyclable items we generate is higher than the global average. More info

The first step is to know the amount of waste you and your household contribute to the local system. Our Easy Home Audit Form helps you to:

  • COUNT GARBAGE BAGS – You don’t need to go through piles of trash… just count the number of green garbage bags you put out during your tracking period.
  • TRACK BEFORE OR AFTER PUTTING RECYCLABLES IN THE BLUE BOX – You can use the form to track recyclables as they go into the blue box or take a quick audit before taking out for pick up. Whatever works best for you.
  • KNOW YOUR HABITS – The number of shopping trips, food takeaways and online purchases also impacts consumer waste. Use this area to figure out what habits are adding the most to your household waste.
  • WRITE DOWN YOUR FIRST CHANGE – After reviewing your results, write down one lifestyle change you are willing to make. Writing down your commitment will make it more real. For some, it’s saying NO to plastic water bottles or straws. For others, it’s carrying reusable shopping bags.

RINSE & REPEAT – After a period of time that makes sense for you (next pick up cycle, a month or two), start another home audit to see if the change you made has resulted in any difference to your numbers.

If so, congratulations! Why not make another simple change to reduce even further? If not, try another change to… well, you get it!

Got Home Audit questions or suggestions?  Email us at oswastewatchers@gmail.com