Stuff-A-Plastic Bottle Project

Stuff-A-Plastic BottleLots of film plastic and small pieces of plastic are not recyclable in Owen Sound. Many are single-use items like shopping bags, straws and food wrappers.

In 2021, the Government of Canada plans to ban single-use plastic and we think that’s great. More info

Owen Sound Waste Watchers want to draw attention to this single-use plastic waste problem NOW.

PLASTIC BOTTLES CAN GET STUFFED – Owen Sounders can participate in this new community art project by signing up to stuff single-use non-recyclable plastic into 2L pop bottles.  The process is easy, material and how-to information is provided, and together we will create a very visual piece of art for our fair city (location is being kept a secret to protect the innocent).

Interested in participating in this project? Email us at today.