About Us

A local group of concerned citizens, Owen Sound Waste Watchers is committed to helping everyone make a difference by adjusting how we consume and dispose of products in day-to-day life. A guiding philosophy is that individuals can drive change towards a cleaner, less toxic future by making small changes, one person at a time. 

We organize trash PickUps, share Going Green ideas, help with community events, (try not to) annoy City Hall… heck, we even pick up and ship cigarette butts to a recycling centre! All part of our master plan to rule the world (just kidding). 

If you want more info, share a tip or just want an e-hug on garbage day, send us an email to: oswastewatchers@gmail.com. We will never share your contact info and will always ask before stealing your ideas. Please read our Privacy Policy.

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2021 01 20 – OSWW Response to Draft Owen Sound Official Plan